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Why You Should Consider Removing the Popcorn Texture on Your Ceiling

Popcorn ceiling

Popcorn ceilings, or stucco or acoustic ceilings, have become obsolete as a result of their several disadvantages, but they were very common in homes constructed in the ’50s through the ’80s. Because of the hassle involved in maintaining popcorn ceilings, many Cedar Hill homeowners are opting for popcorn ceiling removal performed by their local handyman.

Reasons to Remove Popcorn on Your Ceiling

  • Difficult to Maintain and Repair – Because of its bumpy, uneven surface, a popcorn ceiling collects dust within its recesses, and it is hard to clean it thoroughly. This dust accumulation makes the final appearance of a newly painted ceiling look dirty and sloppy. Additionally, if your popcorn ceiling is scratched or punctured, repairing it is not easy, and you may require a complete ceiling replacement from a local handyman.
  • Hard to Paint – Homeowners often want to paint their ceilings when they paint their walls so that their interior has a seamless appearance. Popcorn ceilings, however, are difficult to paint because of the many nooks scattered across their surfaces. Paint rollers do not apply paint to popcorn ceilings sufficiently, but painting with a brush is time-consuming.
  • Potential Health Hazard – Homeowners who live in houses built between the ’50s and ’80s may be at risk of developing illnesses caused by asbestos exposure. Old popcorn ceilings contain asbestos fibers, and although an undamaged ceiling is usually innocuous, the asbestos fibers can become exposed and threaten the health of the home’s residents, especially if the fibers are inhaled. If your home was built between the ’50s and ’80s and your ceiling has not been replaced, hiring a local handyman to inspect the condition of your popcorn ceiling is vital.

If you haven’t had your old popcorn ceiling checked for exposed asbestos fibers, you should contact your local handyman immediately to prevent further damage to your health. If you know that asbestos is not a problem with your popcorn ceiling but find that the popcorn texture is troublesome, a local handyman from Darnell Green Remodeling can assist you in your popcorn ceiling removal.

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