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Popcorn texture removal in Grand Prairie is quite common among homes in the area. The popcorn ceilings were popular for many years; however, newer and more modern ceiling options are now being used to provide an impressive and up-to-date look in more recent years.

To take care of popcorn ceiling removal, special equipment such as respirators, eye protection, and a thorough knowledge of proper removal techniques are required. The contractor you hire should also be able to handle any potential hazards such as asbestos or lead properly. This is why it should be done by a professional Arlington handyman and painting contractor such as Darnell Green Remodeling.

Our popcorn texture removal in Grand Prairie includes removing and covering furniture, scraping the acoustic ceiling, retexturing, drywall repairs, and painting, as part of remodeling or as a standalone project.

Improving The Look And Safety Of Your Home With Popcorn Ceiling Removal

For standard remodeling, it's usually about updates and upgrades, like installing luxury vinyl plank flooring. However, some tasks do more for your home than just spruce up the appearance, like popcorn texture removal. There are multiple reasons to make popcorn ceiling removal a priority, and here are a few of them:

  • Eradicate any possibility of the presence of asbestos in your household.
  • Remove textures that trap dirt, allergens, and other contaminants.
  • Make your ceiling or walls easier to clean.
  • Easier to paint or repair.
  • Modernize the look.

While not every home with popcorn texture contains the threat of asbestos, even running a small chance of risk is too much. Keep in mind that certified specialists must remove and dispose of hazardous materials, so contact Darnell Green Remodeling for this type of task.

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Now Is The Time To Take Care Of Popcorn Texture Removal

Some homeowners wonder why popcorn texture ever became popular in the first place if homeowners are scrambling now to have it removed. Textured ceilings and walls help with issues like hiding blemishes or being a good sound insulator. However, we now know not to use asbestos and that more refined textures have the same positive results.

It's also critical to point out that removing popcorn texture isn't a suitable or safe DIY project. It's a job that requires the right equipment, training, and experience. Plus, there's no good reason to expose yourself to asbestos potentially, so call us now for professional popcorn texture removal in Grand Prairie and surrounding areas.

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