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Why Removing Your Popcorn Texture Ceiling Should Be A Top Priority

Popcorn roof

Although textured walls and ceilings have many benefits, older popcorn texture is something your household could do without. Also referred to as stucco or acoustic ceilings, popcorn texture has become obsolete due to its several disadvantages. They were commonly used in homes constructed in the '50s through the '80s, but now more homeowners are focused on removing popcorn texture. Whether you're remodeling or want this taken care of as a separate job, it's time to get proactive about ridding your home of outdated popcorn textured ceilings and walls.

Why Your Home Would Be Safer Without Popcorn Ceilings

Not enough homeowners take it seriously until they run into potential problems in their own homes. Although it's a good idea to remove cottage cheese texture from your ceilings, it's imperative if the texture was installed in the 1970s because it could contain asbestos.

The threat of severe health ramifications should be enough to motivate you to make significant changes. Asbestos is something that must be removed and disposed of by trained and certified industry experts - it's not a DIY job.

However, even if your home isn't a likely candidate for asbestos, it's time to remodel your ceilings and remove popcorn texture for other good reasons:

  • Collects Dust and Dirt

The texture of popcorn ceilings is known to trap dirt, dust, and cobwebs. That means the air quality in your home is always compromised until you have this texturization removed. It's a health risk for anyone with asthma, allergies, or other respiratory health issues.

  • Difficult to Paint

It's next to impossible to adequately paint popcorn ceilings and forget about DIY painting. Even professionals try to avoid the challenge of painting old ceilings or walls with this textured pattern.

  • Challenging to Repair

Since the pattern is hard to replicate, if you patch popcorn ceilings, it's always going to be visible. You'll never be able to repair your textured ceiling without it being noticeable unless you redo the whole ceiling or wall.

Trust Our Team For Expert Work

If you haven't had your old popcorn ceiling checked for the presence of asbestos fibers, you should contact Darnell Green Remodeling today. Don't procrastinate when it comes to a serious health threat.

For remodeling and handyman repairs in Arlington, contact our team immediately. The sooner you take care of popcorn texture removal, the better off you'll be. The sooner you contact the best company around, the happier you'll be with the outcome of the job.

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